Unel: The unique vertical plate - a new form of culinary expression.


 Art of the Table. Enter the 3rd dimension…


 Gourmet delicacies become works of art in transparent upright "frames" for cocktails, receptions, buffets, first class restaurants and catering.... 


 Unel creates for you your recipes in the vertical plate.




 Unel : Address: 22 Rue de la Tour d’Auvergne  29800 Landerneau-France


Website: http://www.unel.fr   




Managing Director: Mr  Philippe Picquette : Direct phone: + 33 6


 E-mail: philippe.picquette@unel.fr




Unel has developed a unique and innovative plate "the vertical plate" to serve gourmet delicacies in a fresh and surprizing fashion.  The Unel Vertical plate can be used by high end restaurants and caterers for a variety of prestigious receptions, cocktails, banquets...




Partners in the agro-food industry and distributers, worldwide.




An innovative new concept for modern dining.




Unel – «the Unique vertical plate » is new and innovative concept, practical to use and reflects the trends of contemporary gourmet cuisine.




Unel is seeking business partners in all areas of the agro-food business, from catering, to restaurants, to transportation, to event management, to distribution channels.






Characteristics of the Unel vertical plate:


Protected design. Stacking a way of making vertical plates walls.


Crystal polystyrene material total 1340


Capacity: 500 ml, also available in 250ml and 125 ml


Weight: 63.4g


Temperature limits: -25°C to +75°C


Dimensions: 120mm by 120mm by 40mm

Filling tool, Accessories, With lid and cutlery


Price quotations and technical data on request


Attached to his Breton identity, the entrepreneur has had his plates decorated by the embroiderer Pascal Jaouen, Armor Lux and the pottery, Henriot (Quimper), to make elegant cases for the festive season…


Possibilities of personalizing the plate according to the event or of a mark


Unel creates for you your recipes in the vertical plate.


Functions (of the company):


Research, design, development and marketing and food support; food advice, methods and application; food production, creation of model (food) for photography, packaging and marketing.


Heritage of twenty years in research and development, between past, present and now future, constantly changing to stay ahead of or well within its time, defend and carry the art through time,


This evolution denotes the transformation of materials, manifested by changes in their original characteristics over generations, which may result in the formation of new presentations.


As with the evolution of man, the plate is now upright and it is called Unel.


Unel, the unique vertical plate; the new expression of culinary art.


the logical continuation of modernism .....


This will make some noise in Landerneau


 Ideal for events and an interesting talking point.


 Registration and identification of customers, frame opportunities.




Salads, Cocktails, Soup, Starters, Main Courses, Cheeses, Deserts, Finger Food, Cakes, Ice cream and sorbet…


Unel creates for you your recipes in the vertical plate.


Preservation of our products: from 3 days to 20 days for fresh products, and 1 year in frozen food.Vacuum protection of air and atmosphere protected.


Price lists according to the budget and to the event of our customers


“Unel l’assiette à la Verticale” Could such a dish be admire as a work of art?


It was while seeing a plate accidentally left upright, Philippe Picquette had the idea of leaving the world of horizontal plates.
Result, a square and translucent container, of twelve by twelve centimeters, in which food takes quite a different face … Salads become gradations of colors skilfully composed, sandwiches have Cubist looks  and scallops appear suspended in space. Behind these impressive realizations hide months of work:






 Philippe Picquette Finalized devised five techniques of filling, which he patented in 2011. Today, he can fill ten vertical plates per minute!

Pastry cook by training, this Landernéen worked twenty years in the research and development before creating his company. The Fruits Pâtissiers of  DANONE, LA LAITIERE, the ice-cold  of LE NOTRE, QUICK, HARD ROCK CAFÉ, SEVEN ELEVENT, PICARD, DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS, JAMPI …it is him. Supported by the Brest-Iroise Technopole,


Philippe Picquette launched Unel at the end 2011.
Now he is marketing his product to introduce its original concept. «I target an upmarket clientele”, he specifies, “in particular airline business class, corporate events or even night clubs looking for amazing cocktails”.


 Photos below :


Figures : 1 at 6 On board contact for example of realization Unel.

UNEL, by its concept, has changed the vision of culinary presentation. A transparent, glass case for gourmet restaurants contains the dish that, by a process which is held by Unel, presents an entirely innovative arrangement of a vertical plate, through the interplay of transparencies and light,. This allows the appreciation of a vision approaching a tableau, a true work of art and for long as the artist…………Philippe Picquette


 Unel By definition: 

Unel, unique in Breton and an anagram of LUNE [moon. fr] the symbol of my city, Landerneau, or the moon is caught like a pearl within the U, distinct from the background map of Finistère which represents its origins.
The metallic bronze typography reminiscent of early history.






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